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About SchoolMail

e-Schools’ Network provides a number of cost effective SchoolMail Solutions. These are tailored to suit the needs of schools. All of ESN’s SchoolMail Solutions include antivirus and anti-spam measures.

SMTP * Requires fixed IP (dynamic DNS is not recommended)


About Taxis

TaxisMail is a complete package offering a light weight-email solution for schools which supports an unlimited number of email addresses. It includes an email client called Pegasus Mail which integrates seamlessly into the TaxisMail setup. TaxisMail and Pegasus Mail are freely available and therefore suited to schools’ budget both on software costs as well as hardware requirements. Taxis is designed for either standalone operations (on a single machine), or to provide email to users on a peer-to-peer network, or on a server-based network.
TaxisMail is a Windows application that runs on all the latest Windows platforms:
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows 2000 (server or professional)
Windows XP
Windows 2003 server

TaxisMail is compatible with all types of internet connectivity.


About SMTP

SMTP ( simple mail transport protocol ) mail is delivered directly from the ESN mail servers to the schools email server. This requires the schools’ server to have a fixed IP address. When a fixed IP address is not available dynamic DNS has been used; however, we would recommend one of our alternate collection methods instead (ODMR or MultiDrop). The advantage of SMTP mail is that there is less delay between the sender sending the email and the school receiving it. However fixed IP addresses are typically only available on more costly Internet connections.

Compatible email servers:
Novell GroupWise
Other Standard SMTP servers
Compatible Internet Services:
Uncapped ADSL with static IP addresses



ODMR ( on demand mail relay ) is a relatively new system of delivering email to clients with dynamic IP addresses. The school would need to have a email server capable of receiving email via SMTP and a small program to connect from ESN servers to the schools mail server. ESN currently has solutions on both the Windows and FreeBSD/Linux platforms.

Compatible email servers:
Fetchmail or Xatrn with any Standard SMTP server.


About MultiDrop

MultiDrop is a POP3 account in which ESN collects all the email for a whole school. The schools mail server would then use a POP3 connector to collect the email and distribute it amongst the local users.

Compatible email servers:
Novell GroupWise using PFA
Fetchmail with any standard SMTP server.

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