About Us

_DSC4108_1080x720The e-Schools’ Network was founded in 1993 by a group of teachers who understood the importance of email in education. The services supplied to these 10 schools has now grown to over 1000 schools country wide. e-Schools’ Network offers a unique email service, SchoolMail, which works on any operating platform, creates a mailbox for each learner and educator in a school for R1680 per annum.

e-Schools’ Network is a non-profit, self funded, organization that provides the school and FET College community in South Africa the following services:

  • Connectivity and communication solutions, which are negotiated annually with Internet Service Providers to bring best priced quality services to schools
  • Call centre support tailored to the unique needs of the school and FET College environment , probably the only call centre that makes more outing going calls than incoming
  • Consultancy and training support service in the area of educational technology, with a particular focus on providing and sustaining connectivity and online communication services in schools; and
  • Project development and management on behalf of a wide range of clients, especially where e-Schools’ Network is able to grow ICTs in educational communities that are in need.

e-Schools’ Network runs an educational conference which creates a platform for educators to showcase their unique approach to curriculum integrated ICTs and to share these insights with their fellow educators. Any profits that are made are channeled back into projects at schools to grow the number of schools who have access to ICTs in education.

Being passionate about cost effective solutions for schools, e-Schools’ Network has been one of the few institutions that has lobbied in support of the implementation of government’s e-rate policy.