Fibre to the School


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Fibre To The School Pricing

Speed (MBPSMegaBits Per Second defines your internet speed in how many bits are transferred per second.) 10 20 50 100
Monthly Price R4,169 R4,953 R7,285 R9,975

Fibre To The School Application Forms:

10mbps 20mbps 50mbps 100mbps


  • High-speed connectivity enables educators to access cutting-edge teaching resources and allows for the exchange of ideas online

  • Gives students a wider understanding of the world around them

  • Unlimited bandwidthBandwidth is how much information can be transferred over a network in a given amount of time. for email exchange, videos and more.

  • IPInternet Protocol defines how devices can communicate over the internet. You are using IP right now to access this website! security cameras for security and WiFi for convenience




  • UncappedAn uncapped account is one with no restrictions on the amount of data that can be used. and uncontendedContention refers to the amount of users on a network. The fewer users on a network line, the more of that line you can use, and thus have higher speeds. bandwidth, allowing you and your school to browse as much as you need

  • Full service helpdesk and call centre support

  • No throttling, soft cap, ‘fair usage policy’ or shaping of dataMany internet service providers limit your internet connection by limiting speeds for certain services (throttling), lowering your speed after a certain amount of data use in a month (soft cap), and any other criteria to limit your bandwidth.

  • Network backbone geared towards education and research


  • Dedicated fibre networks for high-speed connectivity

  • More stable and reliable than copper ADSLAsynchronous Digital Subcriber Lines are the most popular internet access technology in use today. It uses copper lines like telephones to allow internet access. It is slower and less reliable than Fibre, with less capacity, but is also cheaper.

  • Dedicated VoIPVoice over IP is an Internet Protocol technology allowing voice communications through the internet. This is faster and cheaper than phone lines, and more reliable in areas with poor phone coverage but decent internet connectivity. and cloud computingCloud computing refers to applications and storage services that are hosted on external servers instead of using your computer and software. For example, Google Drive (online storage) and Office 365 (online office software, requiring no installation). solutions

  • High speed wireless networks available in rural areas with limited DSL and fibre coverage!